Customer Testimonials

The eval desktop is working perfectly. In fact, one of my technicians replaced his permanent machine (Dell Precision…something) with this unit and is absolutely loving it! The M100 laptop went to one of the VPs who uses it for travel and just loves the size, performance, and efficiency! I am working on a board presentation that will allow me to include ByteSpeed Computers as part of our vendor selection when we purchase larger quantities. I hope to have this in place before our next budget cycle begins (before December). Thanks again to you and your team, David. This has been, by far, the best computer purchasing/implementation process!

“ByteSpeed is a less well known computer manufacturing company than say Dell or HP or IBM. But ByteSpeed more than compensates for their smaller stature in their better service, superior support and quality products. Let’s face it, a computer is a computer. They all have either Intel or AMD processors and motherboards manufactured by well-known companies. You assemble these components and put them in a pretty case, add power, and there you go. Once you get past the logo on that box, it’s more about the quality of the product and the personality of the company behind it. Allow me to list some of the finer qualities of that company and product.

Eager Sales Staff – When I shoot an email for a quote with specific specs I get a response back within 24 hours. The quote is always very specified and very competitive with the market. I’ve tried the same thing with an assigned Dell sales rep and either waited a week, or never heard back at all. All too often Dell will just direct you to their crummy website where to try to find the parts that you want/need for a system. The site is so horrible that I often end up frustrated and settling for a system just because I can make the parts work. With Bytespeed, I specify the requirements for the system and they find the parts/specs I need and put it together for me. This saves me time and energy and helps build a feeling of teamwork with your sales reps. 

All American Support – When you have a problem and you need to call support you will be speaking to someone who speaks native English. It is so frustrating to have an issue with a product, and then also have an issue trying to understand the suggested fix. ByteSpeed’s Support team takes ownership of any issues and sees them through to the end. Any time I’ve had issues with a ByteSpeed system, the issue was resolved quickly and at ByteSpeed’s cost. I recall once the motherboard did not support a feature that we needed, even though Intel claimed it did. ByteSpeed upgraded us to a different motherboard but did not upgrade the price. It was probably only ten bucks or so, but multiply that over around 200 computers we were purchasing and that adds up. Too many companies are eager to sell you their product, but not so eager to properly support their warranty contract. Disclaimer: It has been awhile since I’ve had to call ByteSpeed support. 

Standard Warranties – 5 years for Desktop and Servers. 3 Years for laptops. When you compare the ByteSpeed quote with the system you are looking at with Best Buy, you have to take into consideration how, at the check-out line, Best Buy is going to then offer you a similar warranty and watch that price go up. 

Competitive hardware platform – You’ll get as fast if not faster hardware for the same price when compared to the big vendors. 

No bloat ware – I’ve never seen anything preinstalled on a ByteSpeed that wasn’t needed for its operation. This keeps the OS slim and fast. 

I will admit, when I first started using ByteSpeed I was reluctant. But if you give them a chance, they won’t let you down.”

“I look for good product when purchasing for my school district, just like any other Technology Director. But, product is not the only thing I look for in a computer company. A good product is important, but without superb technical support that product is useless to me. This is where ByteSpeed out performs all the Tier 1 computer manufacturer support teams, hands down! Whenever you contact ByteSpeed technical support, you will speak with a knowledgeable ByteSpeed technician that will bend over backwards for you to personally support their products. From sales to technical support, my school district has always been treated as if we were the only customers they have. It is so refreshing to speak with friendly, and very helpful ByteSpeed staff every time we call them. They go above and beyond and work diligently to solve any issues or requests we may have. I love that about ByteSpeed. Scott Bleth and his excellent sales team will make certain we can purchase computers and laptops based on our needs and timelines. No other company has worked so closely and personally with the district like ByteSpeed always does. I highly recommend ByteSpeed for all computer needs for your company. You will not be disappointed. ByteSpeed ROCKS!”

“Bytespeed is a common name in Nederland ISD and has been for many years. Students lead a digital life outside of school, so our teachers must have the knowledge, skills and resources to provide a technology rich environment in school that truly engages students in learning and prepares them for the future. ByteSpeed plays an important role by providing a plethora of resources for engaging our students. Budgets have been cut in our district and the solution and extended warranty provided by ByteSpeed is a contributing factor in saving precious technology dollars. Their service is impeccable and the knowledge, resources and expertise their team brings to the table is invaluable. You can't go wrong with ByteSpeed! They are more than a vendor; they are a Partner in Education.” 

“ByteSpeed tech staff is superb and their support has been fantastic. Everything has been very easy, and parts are arriving on time and returning them has been a snap. Since we have the part closet, it has been great just to pull the part and get the user up and running, then put the replacement ticket in.  All in all, it has been pretty awesome.” 

"I've contacted ByteSpeed twice for warranty components since working for the Brantley County School system, and it was completely painless and quick. If something breaks while under their warranty, I don't dread calling to get a replacement part or help. Also, the time spent talking to helpdesk staff is minimal, which is good!! I wish every company's helpdesk was as painless as ByteSpeed’s help desk… keep up the good work!"

"I find it noteworthy that you contacted me not only after the warranty had officially expired, but you initiated the call knowing that we had a few desktop problems. To me, that is what great customer support is about.  I very much appreciate the way you do business and I think it reflects extremely well upon Bytespeed as a company that stands behind the solid products they sell. It is interactions such as these that keeps you on my short list."

“I started with the City of El Dorado, Kansas in November 2012. I have always been a Dell guy and had never heard of ByteSpeed at the time. The City had been buying from ByteSpeed for some time before that. I am now a certain and true believer in ByteSpeed!! Their quality of customer service, products, and support services is second to none. I have been in various tech support positions for more than 16 years and have had my share of poor tech support experiences. That is not what you get with ByteSpeed! In late 2012, our exchange server crashed hard with a corrupted RAID array. The OS was gone. With a deep breath, I made the call and was talking with ByteSpeed support within two minutes! After some diagnosing, they shipped new hard drives overnight. The next day, the support rep stayed on with me the entire time and (because exchange is not my forte) walked me through some configurations that I didn’t know. He didn’t have to do that. Since then, I have purchased two large servers for hosting all of our virtual servers and multiple PCs. I will not buy from another vendor. These are high quality Intel servers and PCs with an unbelievable 5-year warranty. The price is right, too! I cannot say enough good things about my experience with ByteSpeed!”

“We bought our first ByteSpeed desktops in 2003 and they became the mainstay of our technology plan for desktop computers.  We’ve looked at other brands but nobody comes close to the quality of the hardware, the outstanding service and five year warranty that ByteSpeed provides. The ByteSpeed sales department is a dream to work with; you can start by building your own custom configurations on the web site and then fine tune options and pricing with a simple phone call or email. The ByteSpeed sales team is always helpful in getting us the right machines for our purpose—they will even send us a demo so we can check it out ourselves!  On the rare occasion we need tech support, their service department couldn’t be more responsive and knowledgeable. If replacement parts are needed, they are on the way within hours. ByteSpeed is the best; I recommend them to anyone looking for durable, high quality, competitively priced computers with a fantastic warranty.”


“The Galena Unified School District 499 has been a partner with ByteSpeed for more than 10 years. We have purchased desktops, laptops, and servers over the course of our business relationship. We have always been more than satisfied with theirs products and service, and their support is by far the best. I have always been thankful and impressed with the technical support that ByteSpeed provides (ranging from hardware to software). ByteSpeed has an online support system that allows me to submit warranty claims, as well as technical issues that I may encounters.  In addition, technical support is only a phone call away. As a District, we have purchased several servers, each with specific requirements and demands. Our ByteSpeed sales rep and their server support team have always been able to match our needs with cost and requirements. It is great to actually speak with a person who understands Microsoft licensing requirements. We have yet to encounter an issue that the support team could not resolve. Within minutes, I can talk to an expert who will work with me until the issue is resolved. Plus, ByteSpeed offers an outstanding 5-year warranty on desktops and servers. If you are considering purchasing from ByteSpeed, you should call their toll free number... you will actually get a real, live person! Yes, I am old school, and yes, I am hard to please, but it is SOOOOO much easier to talk to a person who will put you in contact with the correct person immediately. You will not be able to find a better company for quality and support.”