Customer Testimonials

"I've contacted ByteSpeed twice for warranty components since working for the Brantley County School system, and it was completely painless and quick. If something breaks while under their warranty, I don't dread calling to get a replacement part or help. Also, the time spent talking to helpdesk staff is minimal, which is good!! I wish every company's helpdesk was as painless as ByteSpeed’s help desk… keep up the good work!"

"I find it noteworthy that you contacted me not only after the warranty had officially expired, but you initiated the call knowing that we had a few desktop problems. To me, that is what great customer support is about.  I very much appreciate the way you do business and I think it reflects extremely well upon Bytespeed as a company that stands behind the solid products they sell. It is interactions such as these that keeps you on my short list."

“I started with the City of El Dorado, Kansas in November 2012. I have always been a Dell guy and had never heard of ByteSpeed at the time. The City had been buying from ByteSpeed for some time before that. I am now a certain and true believer in ByteSpeed!! Their quality of customer service, products, and support services is second to none. I have been in various tech support positions for more than 16 years and have had my share of poor tech support experiences. That is not what you get with ByteSpeed! In late 2012, our exchange server crashed hard with a corrupted RAID array. The OS was gone. With a deep breath, I made the call and was talking with ByteSpeed support within two minutes! After some diagnosing, they shipped new hard drives overnight. The next day, the support rep stayed on with me the entire time and (because exchange is not my forte) walked me through some configurations that I didn’t know. He didn’t have to do that. Since then, I have purchased two large servers for hosting all of our virtual servers and multiple PCs. I will not buy from another vendor. These are high quality Intel servers and PCs with an unbelievable 5-year warranty. The price is right, too! I cannot say enough good things about my experience with ByteSpeed!”

“We bought our first ByteSpeed desktops in 2003 and they became the mainstay of our technology plan for desktop computers.  We’ve looked at other brands but nobody comes close to the quality of the hardware, the outstanding service and five year warranty that ByteSpeed provides. The ByteSpeed sales department is a dream to work with; you can start by building your own custom configurations on the web site and then fine tune options and pricing with a simple phone call or email. The ByteSpeed sales team is always helpful in getting us the right machines for our purpose—they will even send us a demo so we can check it out ourselves!  On the rare occasion we need tech support, their service department couldn’t be more responsive and knowledgeable. If replacement parts are needed, they are on the way within hours. ByteSpeed is the best; I recommend them to anyone looking for durable, high quality, competitively priced computers with a fantastic warranty.”


“The Galena Unified School District 499 has been a partner with ByteSpeed for more than 10 years. We have purchased desktops, laptops, and servers over the course of our business relationship. We have always been more than satisfied with theirs products and service, and their support is by far the best. I have always been thankful and impressed with the technical support that ByteSpeed provides (ranging from hardware to software). ByteSpeed has an online support system that allows me to submit warranty claims, as well as technical issues that I may encounters.  In addition, technical support is only a phone call away. As a District, we have purchased several servers, each with specific requirements and demands. Our ByteSpeed sales rep and their server support team have always been able to match our needs with cost and requirements. It is great to actually speak with a person who understands Microsoft licensing requirements. We have yet to encounter an issue that the support team could not resolve. Within minutes, I can talk to an expert who will work with me until the issue is resolved. Plus, ByteSpeed offers an outstanding 5-year warranty on desktops and servers. If you are considering purchasing from ByteSpeed, you should call their toll free number... you will actually get a real, live person! Yes, I am old school, and yes, I am hard to please, but it is SOOOOO much easier to talk to a person who will put you in contact with the correct person immediately. You will not be able to find a better company for quality and support.”

"Two and a half years ago a colleague told me about ByteSpeed servers when I was shopping for new ones. I had never heard of ByteSpeed so he got his sales rep on the line and that was the beginning of a great and new business relationship. We explained to the rep what our needs were and where we were wanting to be in the future and he came back with two custom designed servers that met and exceeded our specs. I have been very happy with our servers. Tech support has been over the top. They are fast, they overnight parts when needed and they are very knowledgeable. They always fix my problems and answer all of my questions. PLUS a 5 year warranty is amazing! My experience with these two servers and the fantastic support moved me to purchase two labs with ByteSpeed desktops and most recently a cart of ByteSpeed laptops."


"The Lee County School System has been a long-standing customer of ByteSpeed. They have been our near sole supplier for PC workstations and servers since 1999. We have had excellent results from their products. We currently have units procured in 2006 and 2007 still in everyday use. Incidents of component failure have been minimal. But in every case, we have been provided quality technical support and prompt replacement of items within warranty. We currently have 11 file servers, 1 virtual file server system supporting 9 virtual servers, and 1,300 ByteSpeed workstations in use within the school system. Their 5-year warranty and top notch technical support places them far above their competition. For these reasons, they remain our computer vendor of choice."

"I am in my 7th year as the Technology Coordinator at Hanson School. We purchased 75 ruggedized 2GoPc Mini Tablets Model NL1 from CTL through the reseller Apex in June of 2008 with a 3 year warranty. The warranty repair was required to be serviced by CTL which is based out of Portland, Oregon. The repair process was a nightmare when dealing with CTL. I had requested extra parts to have on hand to include keyboards, ac adapters, wireless card, RAM, & hard drives so that when one of these items failed in a tablet, I could easily repair the tablets myself in a matter of minutes with very little down time. However, CTL was unwilling to accommodate me with this request. CTL was only willing to do a parts exchange once these parts failed which would mean a tablet would be down for about 2 weeks. When requesting a part to be exchanged under warranty, I would create a service ticket with detailed description which would be sent in via their website It could take 1-4 days to get a response back from tech support with another 3-5 days for shipping. This was common place for the length of time it would take to receive a replacement part. On average I would have about 10-20 tablets sent into CTL for repair which would take about 2-3 months to be returned. APEX was very helpful in working with me when trying to deal with CTL to resolve issues with lengthy warranty repair, spare parts, and issues that to me just seemed to be common sense. However, I can NOT say the same for CTL. The final straw in dealing with CTL was when I started receiving tablets back from warranty repair and they were replacing the 60 GB hard drive with a 30 GB hard drive. The major issue was my image size which was 27.9 GB so within a matter of a couple weeks the hard drive would run out of storage space. I was never notified by CTL that the larger hard drive was being exchanged with a smaller one. CTL’s explanation was that the hard drive in the NL1 tablet was on back order. Since June of 2009 I have purchased all of my desktops, tablets, and laptops from Bytespeed. Any company can sell equipment but the key is who is willing to service what you sell. Bytespeed’s service is 2nd TO NO ONE! Everything that I wanted from CTL I found in Bytespeed and more. They start by selling great equipment and are willing to send me spare parts to have on hand, and I have been receiving replacement parts with most  arriving by the next day.  If their name is on it they will stand behind it. I turned to Bytespeed in 2010 when the NL1 tablets from CTL were in their third year of warranty because the service time was increasing and the level of satisfaction was at an all-time low. Scott Bleth, the VP of Bytespeed said that he would be willing to honor the warranty of the tablets from CTL just to get me through the 3rd year of warranty, I about fell out of my chair when Scott said that.  However, they were unable to secure replacement hard drives as I believe the vendor selling the drives would not sell them directly to Bytespeed but wanted them to deal with CTL. I know Scott tried for several weeks to get his hands on some hard drives since this was my major issue but wasn’t able to purchase any. Therefore, I was forced to continue receiving warranty repair from CTL. Scott also tried to work with CTL and found it to be a very frustrating experience with very little to no cooperation. I highly recommend Bytespeed to anyone that is interested in purchasing a computer. It could be a school district, our local bank, or even someone wanting a personal computer. I encourage any vendor to partner with Bytespeed as they are a GREAT company with OUTSTANDING people to work with."

"We have been purchasing our computers from  Bytespeed since they were founded in 1999 and have nothing but good things to say about their products and their tech support team. In 2006, we purchased our first server from Bytespeed and with the help of their tech team, we were able to make the transition very smoothly.  When we needed to upgrade our server in 2010, once again things went smoothly thanks to the ByteSpeed tech guys! The service Bytespeed provides after purchase is truly outstanding – they completely back their products and will bend over backwards in order to help in anyway needed, and shipping time for anything is awesome!"


"I have experience with ByteSpeed servers from three different positions. I began working with ByteSpeed as the IT Manager at Argonia Schools and was extremely impressed by the fantastic support for their desktops.  I was still a little reluctant to try a third party server, but I finally gave in and went with one of the ByteSpeed servers. I soon realized their server reliability and support were just as great for servers as for the desktops. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with ByteSpeed as an independent consultant, installing a server for another company.  Without the complete confidence I have developed from prior experience, I would never have recommended the ByteSpeed server.  Now I have recommended it to several companies and expect someday to go back to a few other companies as an independent consultant and install more servers. My newest endeavor is taking on the position of IT Director for Harper County, KS, and my most recent project here was to put in a new ByteSpeed server. The ByteSpeed support getting us converted from the old server was just as I expected, timely and easy to deal with. I am always pleasantly pleased when I have any question concerning a simple desktop issue to the most complex server issue, ByteSpeed support is fast and willing to go the extra mile to meet my needs. They empower me to do as much myself as I want (which is my preference) and they still are willing to step in when I need them to. My relationship with ByteSpeed is as good as I have ever been able to develop with suppliers of any brand of computer equipment. They really care that things go well when I have a new need or an issue with an older piece of equipment."