The Complete Guide to Great Outdoor Wi-Fi

Outdoor networks bring with them a host of unique challenges. All of which need to be considered throughout the design process. We know how busy you are day-to-day. A large outdoor WiFi project can be daunting and if not done right, expensive. That’s why we wrote this guide. We want this to be a valuable resource for you to have on hand when planning your next outdoor WiFi project.

Things like trees and buildings have a huge impact on outdoor network design. Learn how to best factor these things in when planning your next project.

Trenching fiber used to be the norm, but in this guide, we walk you through how choosing the right outdoor AP can significantly minimize your backhauling and infrastructure costs.

And as with any big project, the end result is only as good as the plan you use to get you there. So we walk you through how to approach the design process, share key considerations, and recommend ideal tools to use on your projects.