NAECAD Collegiate Esports Survey

NAECAD is collecting information from schools across the Midwest to create a valuable NAECAD Collegiate Esports Guide that we will share with high school organizations and/or athletic associations that promote esports. 

The goal of the NAECAD Collegiate Esports Guide is to increase esports adoption across the country. This guide will inform and educate students about esports opportunities that are available to them when considering colleges. 

By submitting this survey, you grant us permission to promote your program in our NAECAD Collegiate Esports Guide publicly on our website, social channels, tradeshows/ events, press releases, etc. 

We hope you will consider being part of the NAECAD Collegiate Esports Guide, in partnership with Microsoft and Gravity Gaming by ByteSpeed.

For more information about NAECAD, please visit: For questions about this guide, please contact: 
Jay Prescott: