High school and college coaches will learn the impact of scholastic esports through education, competition, and careers. 





NAECAD Clinic &

Esports Recruiting


November 5-6, 2022
Sunnyside High School
Fresno, CA


Sessions for esports coaches, students, and parents of esports players. 



Students will learn about collegiate esports, scholarships that are available, and tips on how 
to get recruited.





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The NAECAD Clinic and Esports Recruiting Event is designed to connect high school students with colleges that offer esports programs and scholarships. 

Who Should Attend?

Esports coaches, K12 teachers, administrators, high school esports students, and parents of students.

Register your school for only $150! 

Bring as many students, faculty, and parents as you’d like 
under your school’s registration. 


At NAECAD, we are committed to creating a fantastic experience for attendees. The clinic is executed in a variety of formats such as:

November 5 & 6, 2022

Sunnyside High School, Fresno, CA

Registration space is limited, so we highly encourage schools to register early!

Detailed event information is coming soon, including session schedule, 
keynote speakers, meals, college recruiting booths, vendor sponsors, and more!

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There is a block of discounted rooms available at the following hotels from November 5-6. 

Double Tree Hilton Fresno - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
2233 Ventura Street, Fresno, CA 93721
Phone: 559-268-1000
Arrival Time 3:30pm
Checkout Time 12:00pm


Are you a collegiate esports coach that is interested 
in attending or having a booth at the esports 
recruiting fair?

Students and parents are eager to gather information from 
colleges to discuss esports programs, scholarships, entrance requirements, deadlines, campus life, and more! 


Are you interested in sponsorship opportunities?

Students from high schools throughout California
and the West Coast will be in attendance. There will
be educational sessions for high school and college
coaches, students, and parents.

National college coaches and directors will be hosting
a recruiting fair. Click below for more information.



Presenter: Mark Deppe, Director of Esports, University of California, Irvine  

This session will look at the current state of esports and dig into the formal program data, how the esports campus is evolving, product adoption and behavioral economics. Kurt will also make the case for competitive esports and the benefits for colleges as well as look at the existing challenges. This session is a great opportunity to bring you up to speed on the latest data and developments of competitive esports.

Presenter: Scott Dorn, Executive Vice President, Spectrum Industries

The beginning of any new (extra-curricular) program is exciting. Momentum is generated by getting started. Once in motion, how do you ensure the program, and your esports facility, is positioned for success? Excitement and visibility surrounding esports programs is now rivaling that of many large traditional sports. Once the ribbon-cutting is done, and esports facilities are a hub of activity, what have programs discovered? How do they maintain that visibility? What would they have done differently? Join Spectrum Industries as they take a deeper dive into esports facility design considerations, some of which, aren’t always front of mind as programs are kicked off. You will see some great examples, and some best-in-class facilities along the way. Core/critical elements when planning an esports environment will also be covered.

Presenter: Jason Dilley, Executive Director, Washington State Scholastic Esports Association

How do the various esports organizations fit into an ecosystem that supports each other and helps each other grow? This session will look into all the organizations that can influence your esports program for better, or worse, and how to evaluate what is a good fit for your program, your school, and especially your students.

Presenters: Chris Spikoski, CEO, Co-founder, Coalition of Parents In Esports
& Shea Williams, Co-founder, Coalition of Parents In Esports

Have you encountered parents who don’t quite understand the value of gaming or are just dead set against screen time? COPE has set out to empower youth, parents, & educators to use the gaming metaverse to build confidence, curiosity, community, & careers.

Presenters: Dr. Kristy Custer, President Educational Innovation, Gaming Concepts Author
& Michael Russell, VP Curriculum and Esports Integration at Generation Esports, Gaming Concepts Author

Esports has exploded in high schools and colleges around the world. Improvements in engagement and attendance resulting in decreases in chronic absenteeism and behavior issues are just some of the reasons why schools are adding esports to their educational toolboxes. In this session, participants will learn how Complete High School Maize, in Maize, Kansas, turned one teacher's passion project into an esports program complete with an afterschool esports team, a for-credit esports class and the addition of a gaming lab. Participants will also receive a free electronic version of the complete esports curriculum written by the presenters — Gaming Concepts — that has been viewed over 200,000 times on the Microsoft Educator Community.


Mark Deppe, Director of Esports, University of California, Irvine

Mark led the effort to create the award-winning esports program at UCI that boasts a 100% graduation rate. Working closely with student leaders, administrators, faculty, and industry partners, Mark built a business plan that is both cost-neutral to the university and that broadly approaches the world of esports through the five pillars of Competition, Research, Community, Entertainment, and Careers. Mark was selected to serve as the inaugural commissioner for the North American Scholastic Esports Federation, helping connect learning to student interests.

In June 2018, UCI’s League of Legends team won the College League of Legends Championship.  In October 2018, UCI’s esports program was awarded “Most Outstanding Collegiate Program” by the esports industry at the Tempest Awards.  While at UCI, Mark has coordinated many campus traditions, including helping break Guinness Book World Records. Mark has a B.S. in psychobiology from UCLA and an MBA from Cal State Fullerton's Mihaylo College of Business and Economics.

Scott Dorn, Executive Vice President, Spectrum Industries

Scott has worked with educators, influencers, global IT and AV integrators and the A&D community to better equip educational environments. Spectrum Industries, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer, has been supporting education for over 30 years, has become the leading instructional lectern provider to higher education and has created best-in-class esports spaces, across the US. Spectrum’s esports furniture solutions include tables for general student access, team practice and varsity programs, esports chairs that feature high-weight capacity & extreme comfort, casting/shout casting stations, secure console gaming stations, lounge and gathering-area furnishings, mobile esports laptop cart, and custom design/build solutions for programs wanting a unique product. Organizations can build their brand by adding logos to most items. Spectrum is an advocate for scholar gaming, has created an Esports Guidebook to help build a base of knowledge for those considering esports programs, and is a point-guard to the esports community, connecting individuals within the industry.

Jason Dilley, Executive Director, Washington State Scholastic Esports Association

Jason is a 13-year National Board-Certified Teacher. Most of his career has been spent teaching Mathematics, but after developing an esports team in 2017, has been slowing moving his teaching time into CTE classes for Esports and Broadcasting. 

In 2020, Jason created the Washington State Scholastic Esports Association with a team of teachers to organize high school and middle school esports in WA State.

Chris Spikoski, CEO, Co-founder, Coalition of Parents In Esports

Chris is a cofounder and CEO of Coalition Of Parents In Esports. He is a parent whose son knew from a young age that he wanted to be a YouTuber. Chris supported and managed his son’s singular focus from a young age of do-it-yourself content creation to his success as one of the most well-known young stars in esports today. He previously served for over 20 years as a Director for group homes for mentally disabled adults in New York. He and his son have been passionate about the inclusiveness of online gaming for people of all abilities. Like other parents on our Board, Chris found himself helping other young gamers and their parents entering the esports scene so founding COPE seemed like a natural progression to being able to help even more.

Shea Williams, Co-founder, Coalition of Parents In Esports

Shea is the cofounder of COPE, the Coalition of Parents in Esports with other parents of Pro Players and Influencers with a mission to provide better information, resources and support to gamers and their families. Upon entering esports like many parents through the passions of a child, she recognized the amazing opportunities this brave new industry afforded to her son’s personal, educational and career development and wanted other parents to see the positive opportunities for growth. Many parents feel overwhelmed by their fears about gaming and social media, but COPE wants to show parents that it is a sport like any other where parents can support and cheer their child’s achievements. The outcome of any youth activity is more beneficial with more parent involvement. Not every child will attain pro competitive just like any sport, but the career opportunities across entertainment, coaching, marketing, finance, medical and even art make this an exciting opportunity for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and drive. COPE provides support and resources through their partnerships across skills development, child safety, wellness, education and career needs. The team also has a mission to support youth through scholarships to be used for career development, travel to events and education.

Dr. Kristy Custer, President Educational Innovation, Gaming Concepts Author

Dr. Custer has been in education for 24 years as an administrator and teacher. Over the past 21 years, she has helped lead her schools to state and national honors including a Crystal Star Award for Dropout Prevention schools, Promising Practice Award, and twice being named a National School of Character. Along the way, she earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and was awarded the Graduate Student of the Year from Kansas State University and Baker University. The curriculum she cowrote titled Gaming Concepts has been viewed over 200,000 times on the Microsoft Educator Community in over 40 countries. She has been a speaker at local, state and national conferences including ISTE, FETC, the National Dropout Prevention Network Conference, National Scholastic Press Association Convention, and Kansas State Department of Education Annual Conference. Her project, 186 Days of Character--a yearlong character education curriculum--was has also been shared and implemented by 100s of educators.

Michael Russell, VP Curriculum and Esports Integration at Generation Esports, Gaming Concepts Author

Michael has been an avid gamer for nearly 35 years. After a successful career in sales, Michael entered the field of education as a social studies teacher at Complete High School Maize in 2014. After his first year of teaching, Michael was awarded the Horizon Award for Kansas in 2015. This award is given to first-year teachers to recognize excellence in the classroom. In 2018, Michael also received the “Making IT Happen Award” at the Mid-America Association for Computers in Education Conference for his work developing and implementing a video game curriculum in the classroom. Michael has been a speaker at the Global ESports Clinic, The Mid-America Association for Computers in Education Conference, ISTE, FETC, and numerous online conferences. In 2018, Michael completed his Master’s Degree in Building Administration from Fort Hays State University and is currently pursuing his Doctoral Degree in District Leadership from Baker University.


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