How to Purchase

To place an order from ByteSpeed through the NASPO contract, your agency or organization must be deemed eligible to participate by the chief procurement official for your State. If your State is participating and has signed a Participating Addendum with ByteSpeed that lists you as an eligible entity, then you may order from ByteSpeed in any of the following ways:

  1. An end-user or reseller identifies an opportunity and requests a quote.
  2. The contractor or the purchaser determines the NASPO contract to be an appropriate procurement vehicle to use for the opportunity.
  3. NASPO requires that all orders be placed with ByteSpeed
          Phone: 877-553-0777
          Mail: 3131 24th Ave S., Moorhead, MN 56560
          Fax: 218-227-0498
          Email: (Note this is a NASPO purchase)
  4. ByteSpeed will invoice the end-user.
  5. The end-user accepts shipment.
  6. The Contracting Officer releases payment to ByteSpeed.

Your PO should include both the NASPO Master Contract number MNWNC-103 and your State’s Participating Addendum/Contract Number which can be found on your State’s ByteSpeed NASPO landing page.

If your State is not participating; has not signed a Participating Addendum with ByteSpeed; or if your agency is not an eligible entity under your State’s Participating Addendum, please contact us at or by phone at 877-553-0777 and we will work with your State’s chief procurement official and NASPO.

Your agency or organization may be able to simply sign a Participating Addendum directly with ByteSpeed, or we may be able to identify other purchasing vehicles that your agency is eligible to use.


Toll Free: 877-553-0777
Fax: 218-227-0498