HPE Nimble Storage – Intelligent, self-managing storage that frees you to innovate for your business

Radically simple, built for cloud, and guaranteed to deliver 99.9999% availability

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What sets HPE Nimble Storage from the rest of the pack?

HPE Nimble provides AI-Driven storage that is autonomous and aware. Their solutions are built for the cloud, providing easy mobility of data as well as the ability to scale up or down in capacity according to your needs. This unique set of innovations—across intelligence, performance, cloud mobility, and ownership model— are qualities that only HPE Nimble Storage delivers.


Nimble starts with 20% more usable capacity than the competition. It uses variable block deduplication, variable block compression, zero pattern elimination plus more from thin provisioning and zero copy clones. 

Smart Secure Encryption

Application-granular encryption and secure data shredding. FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) certified.

Triple+ parity RAID

Tolerate 3 simultaneous drive failures plus intra-drive parity and integrated sparring.

6-Nines Availability

99.9999% measured availability. This is NOT theoretical; it is actual observed uptime across the entire Nimble installed base.

85 NPS

Highest net promoter score in the storage industry. Reliably fast, radically simple, cloud ready.


The Nimble support organization is made up entirely of level 3 experts. Your first call gets you to an engineer that can solve your issue immediately.

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