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HyperX Signs on as Exclusive Sponsor of Collegiate StarLeague

Have you heard of HyperX? They're one of our valued partners - and recently signed on to be the exclusive peripheral and internals sponsor for Collegiate Starleague! Check out their equipment in action during the CSL 2020 Grand Finals in April! Read the full article...

Improving medicine’s adherence with VR

Is virtual reality a new way to help patients manage their diagnoses? Addenbrooke's Hospital says yes! Patients can improve their understanding of their condition, treatments, and management through a new VR program. Read more here.

AR and VR will make spatial journalism the future of reporting

You can view a commercial, you can watch a video, and you can imagine a place in a news report... but what if you could experience it? VentureBeat shares how AR and VR could do just that in future journalism. Read the full article here.

Speaking of Psychology: Improving lives through virtual reality therapy

#VR is being used for exposure therapy, pain distraction, psychological treatment, and more! Listen (or read) this interview between Dr. Rizzo from the University of Southern California and Audrey Hamilton of the American Psychological Association! Listen or read here.

Face Your Fears with VR

Ever wanted to face your fears? Watch Howie Mandel face his through #virtualreality on America's Got Talent here!

Virtual Reality Relaxation

Virtual reality to reduce #anxiety and improve #wellness? Yes! Check out one type of application dedicated to reducing #stress here.

Esports Ed: 7: Virtual Reality Esports

Esports Ed is all about starting and maintaining your esports team. In this episode, we chat with Shaun Byrne, Esports Director at St. Clair College in Ontario, Canada. They'll talk about Shaun's start planning esports and gaming events, virtual reality esports, and...

Esports Ed: 6: High School Esports

Esports Ed is all about starting and maintaining your esports team. In this episode, we'll chat with two Illinois high school esports coaches: Brock Frazier and Marvin Lindsay! Brock is the esports head coach and lead IT technician at Massac USD #1 and Marvin is the...