Cachebox® High Performance Caching

Purpose-built Web Cache Appliances

Capture websites, videos, and downloads after the first use and store them locally to conserve network bandwidth

Here are a few reasons why CACHEBOX might be the right solution for you:

Your bandwidth is full and/or too expensive

You want to be able to use more bandwidth-hungry content

Your users are frustrated because the web is too slow

You want to add more users to your network without overloading it

You need to monitor and control what websites your users are visiting

Multiply effective bandwidth

For many schools, bandwidth is expensive and/or in short supply, yet demand keeps rising. For remote schools with narrow bandwidth, CACHEBOX can instantly accelerate web content and make classroom internet usable. Urban and metropolitan areas often have cheaper access to more bandwidth, which encourages greater internet use and leads to more devices being connected to the network. Caching allows these schools to maintain internet performance, without needing to increase their bandwidth.

Minimize demand peaks

Web traffic in schools is characterised by enormous but short-lived spikes in demand at the start of lessons, as whole classrooms access resources. Schools often measure their bandwidth capacity needs according to these peaks, despite average demand during the rest of the day being 6 or 7 times lower. Thankfully, these peaks are highly cacheable, and repeat requests can be served to multiple users locally. This is more cost-effective than paying for internet capacity that will be underutilized outside of peak times.

Speed up Internet access

Because content is downloaded to your local network, teachers and students get much quicker access to it via the Local Area Network. You can even pre-load CACHEBOX with content so that it’s ready for teachers before the start of class.

Cache HTTPS educational content

Many education content providers and Learning Management Systems are moving to secure (HTTPS) content delivery. CACHEBOX makes HTTPS content cacheable.

Cachebox for Schools

Sioux Central Community School District Case Study

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