BYTESPEED Emergency Connectivity Kit

The ByteSpeed Emergency Connectivity Kit provides wireless connectivity and can be used as a portable office on the go. See list of kit contents below.

The Emergency Connectivity Kit can be deployed from any location, including natural disaster relief sites, schools, medical facilities, registration sites, and more.

NOTE: Must add cellular data plan for LTE router (Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile).

deploy An Office on the Go
from any location

SECURE WI-Fi connection

Includes a Cradlepoint router and
antennas to ensure a secure,
reliable Wi-Fi environment.

communication tools

Includes 10 Lenovo Android tablets,
complete with ultra-portable mice,
and ultra-portable keyboards.

Portable, ruggedized case

Your tech equipment is neatly
organized in a rugged, waterproof
case, secured with custom-fit foam.


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While kits can be customized, standard kits contain:

  • CaseCruzer 10-Pack USB Type-C
  • Mobile Charging Station Case – 110V w router & battery integration
  • Case: 31.52”L x 20.53”W x 15.70”H
  • Cradlepoint IBR900 Router with Wi-Fi
  • (2) Cradlepoint Cellular Antenna
  • (2) Cradlepoint Wi-Fi Antenna,
  • Dual Band 2.4/5GHz
  • (10) 8” Lenovo TAB M8 Android Tablet (Quad Core, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage, Android 9.0 Pie Iron, Gray)
  • Optional: Available without tablets & custom-cut foam for your devices
  • (10) Lenovo TAB M8 Folio Case
  • (10) Minature Mice
  • (10) Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra-Light Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Steel Padlock with 2 Keys
  • 12 Lithium AAA batteries (for mice)
FREE IMAGINGFREE Imaging of hard disks with custom image, saving you time and money deploy¬ing several machines, as well as reducing deskside setup time. We save your image and deploy it on future systems. This includes your pre-loaded software. We will send you one of the systems from your order in advance for you to set up with your software. We will then replicate the image you send back on the rest of your order.
FREE ON-SITE PARTS CLOSETFREE On-site Parts Closet on quantity purchases for same day replacement of critical parts. If you have a bad part, you can immediately replace it with a part from your parts closet. After we are notified, we’ll send you a replacement to replenish your parts closet, as well as a postage-paid return label to mail the bad part back to ByteSpeed.
FREE ASSET TAGGINGByteSpeed will affix you asset tag number to your systems (this includes a spreadsheet of corresponding serial numbers to be sent with your order) at no additional cost.
FREE ASSET TAGGING IN BIOSWe will flash your asset tag number in the system BIOS (This can be useful if you use an asset management software).
FREE CUSTOM BULK PACKAGINGByteSpeed’s custom packaging not only reduces shipping costs and transit time (most bulk shipments have two-day transit time using FedEx Freight Priority), but it also enables organizations to deploy IT equipment faster, as well as reduce clutter, waste, storage space, and disposal costs.
FREE DESCRIPTIVE LABELINGWe provide serial number and purchase order number on the box.
FREE MAC ADDRESSESWe can include a spreadsheet of MAC addresses with correspond¬ing the corresponding Bytespeed serial number.
RISK-FREE EVALSByteSpeed offers a 30-Day Risk-Free Evaluation that allows you to test our products and experience our outstanding service and support first hand – no strings attached!
FREE IMAGE RECOVERY FLASH DRIVEContains your image on flash drive to re-image systems with. (You can use this to recover your systems to their original state in minutes
WHITE GLOVE SERVICEOur experienced certified technicians can save you time and money by fully pre-configuring and enrolling your Chromebook device prior to shipment.
CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONSfor computers include laser engraving, UV printing, and digital decals
FLEXIBLE SPLIT/DELAYED SHIPMENTSWe will offer hassle-free, split or delayed ship¬ments upon request (we can deliver these in one shipment or installments).
FLEXIBLE BILLING OPTIONSByteSpeed offers flexible billing options, enabling you to split billing into payments that are more convenient for your school district.