Spectrum Industries

Spectrum Industries, a leading US-based manufacturer, designs furniture for esports arenas, social-distanced active learning, agile and collaborative classrooms, makerspaces, and libraries. Solutions range from specialty desks and chairs to adjustable display stands, teacher’s desks and audio-visual lecterns; from Chromebook, tablet and virtual reality charging carts and lockers to completely customized solutions.

Innovative, Quality Furniture Solutions Designed For

Classrooms, Libraries, Conference Rooms, and Auditoriums

Charging Carts and Lockers

Spectrum offers charging carts and cabinets for laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones, and VR equipment, to ensure devices are charged and ready to go.

View Cloud 32 View Connect 30
View Pro 20 View Connect 10
View Collective 8

Esports Desks and Chairs

Evolve your esports program! Spectrum offers a complete line of innovative furniture to engage and integrate your esports arena.

View Esports
Evolution Desk
View Esports
Meta Desk
View Xpressions Chair View Genova Chair

Training/Collaboration Tables

Small groups can do big things when given the ideal gathering space. Spectrum lets you optimize success with innovative, technology-ready collaborative desks and tables.

View Optio
Collaboration Table
View Active Electric
Sit to Stand Table
View Flex Active Tables

Presentation Stations/Lecterns

Presentation lecterns, podiums, and audio visual carts that support integration of multimedia, AV, and room control systems for classrooms, conferences, and auditoriums.

View CORE Lectern View SLIM Lectern
View Compact Lectern View Pivot Premier
View Freedom
eLift Lectern
View Inspiration Lectern

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