CLAAS for Education

Computer Lab as a Service (CLaaS) is a fully managed solution that uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to stream desktop applications like Adobe CC, AutoDesk, Office, and some Project Lead the Way approved applications to any computer on any  browser. For education, this means students have greater access to learning resources and applications regardless of platform or device. It doesn’t matter whether they’re using Chromebooks, Macs, or PCs, or whether they’re in the classroom, the library, or at home.

stream any desktop application

to any browser from any location

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Fully Managed Solution

ByteSpeed provides the on-going maintenance, management, and support of the environment.

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stream desktop applications

Stream demanding desktop applications like Adobe CC, AutoDesk, Office, and Project Lead the Way approved applications.

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works on any browser

Stream to any browser – Chromebooks, Macs, or PCs in the classroom, the library, or at home

Custom Usage Dashboard

See insight to who is consuming and when, with an organization wide consumption report.

Predictable, Simplified billing

ByteSpeed makes billing predictable and simplifies the purchasing process for schools. 

Order bundles of hours

Estimate hours upfront using our online calculator, and cut one purchase order for the entire school year.

ByteSpeed’s CLaaS solution is currently showing an average of 78.3 hours per student for the school year of Appstream usage. 

Below is a breakdown of where our hourly bundles start, but please reach out to us for a custom quote if you are considering a larger deployment.

Setup fee included
Setup fee included
Setup fee included


We will continue to update average student usage across our districts in an effort to help schools with budget estimations for their own deployments. Keep in mind that there are many factors outside of the number of students that can contribute to hour consumption over the school year. For instance, Appstream could be used to supplement labs and offer options for offsite instruction or as a complete lab replacement. Many of our current users are leveraging this solution in a supplemental way, so the hourly usage average for a complete lab replacement solution will be much higher.

We will help you build your environment to fit your needs and efficiently utilize your hours.  If budgets are a concern, be sure to ask us about AWS programs that we can apply for to help offset costs.

We would love to connect with you on how we might be a resource to get you started.

The above pictured Usage Dashboard is something we’ve built and offer with our CLaaS Agreement. It gives the school a good overview of their account and usage patterns of software in AppStream. It allows the school to see which applications are being used, unique number of users using the application, and how many hours each student or teacher used it. It also allows the school to see when their CLaaS Agreement started, when it ends and how many hours are left from their bundle.


Provide students the applications they need

Students simply open a web browser, choose the application they need, and start learning. You no longer need to worry about running Windows applications on Macs and Chromebooks, or troubleshooting installations with your students.

Let students learn anytime from anywhere

Applications are available on demand. Students can access them during class, close their laptops when class ends, and pick up where they left off at the library, a cafe, or at home.

Always have access to a computer lab

You don’t need to reserve computer labs, and your students don’t need to find a computer lab to do their work. AppStream 2.0 delivers what your students need at the computer lab directly to their computers, whether Mac, Chromebook, or PC.

Easily manage your class applications

Install applications on AppStream 2.0 the same way you would on a Windows computer. Then, configure your application in a few clicks, and your students can start learning. You can use G Suite or your school’s existing IT solutions to manage student access and provide individual storage.

Reduce your IT spending

You only pay for the availability and use of the applications to your students. No more managing computer labs, or setting up and maintaining servers.

Deliver distance learning

Your classes aren’t limited by students’ access to specific computers on campus or in the classroom. With AppStream 2.0 any student in the world can access the applications they need.