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Thank you for taking time to check out our esports funding resources! We’re excited to know you have made it this far, which means you’re engaged in changing the lives in students around you through esports! While fundraising and grants alone are not a sustainable way to support a program, they can be helpful when starting an esports program, or upgrading an existing program. Below is a compilation of resources that we hope will be helpful in your journey.

eTeamSponsor is a Strategic Fundraising Partner. More than 3,000 Educational Institutions partner with eTeamSponsor to fundraise. Coaches, Boosters, Advancement and Institutional Leadership launch crowdfunding campaigns to reach more donors and raise more money than ever before. provides a free guide to 100+ STEM grants, a listing of available grants, and courses to help your organization write winning grant proposals.

Funding & Grant Opportunities

We know that many educational institutions are struggling to find ways to fill the financial gaps created by state, federal, and local budget cuts. ByteSpeed gathered a few resources for funding and grant opportunities that may be helpful.

Varsity Esports Foundation

The Varsity Esports Foundation offers financial assistance to schools and provides a pipeline for students to reach their potential through Esports. We strive to increase literacy around the Esports industry’s positive impact on healthy lifestyles, mental health, community and STEM. To qualify, your school or district must have at least 25% of students on the free and reduced lunch program AND/OR your school is classified as Title 1.

Esports Ed Podcast: Sponsorship & Partnerships with Teddy Delaney from Lackawanna College

Episode 4 of Gravity Gaming’s Esports Ed podcast discusses finding partnerships and sponsorship from large companies and in your community. Esports Program Administrator and Head Coach Teddy Delaney walk us through how he worked to get his team at Lackawanna College sponsored by Mountain Dew GameFuel!

The Game Room: Episode 2 Featuring Dr. Chris Haskell from Boise State University

Episode 2 of THE GAME ROOM provides an in-depth chat with Boise State University’s Dr. Chris Haskell about the success of BSU’s program and the growth trajectory of high school and college esports programs, including sponsorships and partnerships.

Sandoval CUSD 501 Fundraising Example

Sandoval Community Unit School District 501, located in Sandoval, IL, provided an example of creative fundraising ideas for their esports team, Digital Chaos. 

Generate Revenue with LAN Centers

Larger esports facilities can also be changed into makeshift LAN centers on your schools campus, helping to generate small amounts of revenue by using existing equipment you already have on hand. By setting up a small, hourly fee to use the computers, students, faculty, staff, and community members may be able to come into the facility and rent a machine for a prepaid amount of time. Schools could have their LAN system set up for a few hours a day, or any time that the facility is not being used by the esports program for practice or competition.