Intel SSD Firmware Update

If you need to update the firmware on your Intel 540S SSD, please follow these instructions.

Symptoms of out of date firmware: BSOD, SSD not detected, Unable to image drive, sits at Windows loading screen but does not boot in to OS.

System Preparation :

• As a precaution, perform a backup of all your data to ensure no data is lost during the firmware update process

• Do not unplug power at any time during the firmware update

• Use only native SATA ports to perform upgrade. Do NOT use third party controllers

• Notebook users, please use AC power to prevent any power loss during firmware upgrade

1. Download the Intel SSD Firmware Update tool from our NextCloud site

2. Extract the .zip to gain access to all the files needed.

3. Follow the User Guide PDF that Intel includes in this folder to create a bootable USB. You can use any ISO to USB utility such as Rufus. *If you decide to use Rufus, please make sure to write the ISO to the drive in DD mode instead of Rufus recommended ISO mode*

RUFUS tool with instructions:

4. Once you create the flash drive, plug it in to the affected machine and boot to it. It should boot to a Linux GUI, then press enter on the first boot option it gives you. Once that boots, you should be at a screen where you can select your SSD and update the firmware.

*This firmware update tool works on multiple different Intel SSD models. The Release Notes explain which ones this works on, but primarily we have noticed it fixing 540S issues.*

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