Solution Highlights

Warranty Upgrades

Warranty Upgrades – Warranty upgrades enable customers to vary response time and level of service to match critical support needs. Standard Warranty upgrades can be purchased at the time of the hardware purchase or within the term of initial base warranty coverage.Premier Support and EDU Premium Care are recommended warranty upgrades – See separate battle cards for info.

International Warranty Service (IWS): IWS enables customers who travel with or relocate any IWS-eligible Lenovo machine type to receive warranty service in any country where their machine type is announced and sold and supported by Lenovo or a Lenovo authorized Service Provider. Service delivery method and speed can vary by country.

International Warranty Upgrade: Can be purchased in addition to one or more applicable services (ADP, Sealed Battery Warranty &/or KYD) to extend coverage outside the users home country.



Mail-in ServiceParts and labor repair coverage where the customer is responsible for shipping (including packaging) or delivery to an authorized warranty provider or repair center.
DepotServiceSometimesreferred to as courier, it provides parts and labor repair coverage where shipping (including packaging) or delivery to the repair center is paid for byLenovo.
Onsite ServiceParts and labor repair coverage where labor is provided onsite at the customer’s place of business or home. If Lenovo determines the problem cannot be resolved over the telephone or with a CRU part, a technician will be dispatched to arrive onsite.
TechInstall CRUWith base warranty, installation of a self-service Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) is the customer’s responsibility, however with Technician-Installed CRU Service, Lenovo‘s onsite technician will install all needed CRUs.
PremierSupportSee PremierSupport battle card for more information.
PremiumCareSee EDUbattle card for more information

Customer Pain Points

  • Lost productivity (end users or processes) impacts the business‘s ability to meet goals.
  • Unplanned operating and maintenance expenses impact operating budgets andprofitability.

Key Benefits

  • Save IT resources (time and money) by having Lenovo‘s support team available to address issues quickly.
  • Achieve maximum uptime and productivity when operating within a mission critical environment.
  • Accurately budget for IT expenses at the time of the PC purchase.

Typical Customers

  • Have heavy reliance on PCs. Have processes and/or professionals that demand uptime and productivity.
  • Require faster response to avoid 5-10 days without their PC and prefer the convenience of service delivered at their place of business.
  • Are challenged to reduce operating expenses (OPEX) or must budget all PC expenses at time of purchase.
  • Operate beyond 8am –5pm, those with traveling users or international office locations.

Qualifying Questions

  • How long can you be without your system?
  • How heavily reliant are your employees and business processes on your PCs?
  • How important is it at your company to have assurance that critical systems achieve maximum uptime and productivity?
  • Do you have specific cost savings objectives within your IT performance metrics for this year?


  • Lenovo 3-year basic depot warranty $89
  • Lenovo 3-year premier support upgrade $139
  • Lenovo 3-year premier support upgrade with accidental damage and keep your drive coverage $229