CareerViewXR is an extended reality (XR) platform aimed at making career exploration as realistic as possible for students and job seekers. Using a blend of 360-degree video, 360-degree photography, and a patent-pending process focused on creating unique learning experiences, CareerViewXR is also a spectacular career recruitment tool for educational institutions and employers. Find all your VR headset needs and explore compelling career-focused content at ByteSpeed, your ultimate destination for a complete solution.

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Bringing the Jobsite
Into the Classroom


→ Highlight multiple careers in an industry or give a detailed look into a single career pathway.

→  Includes 10-15 360° scenes and a 5-7 minute companion VR video.

No Boundaries

With CareerViewXR, educators are taking students places they never thought possible. From the top of a wind turbine to the inside of a police squad car, CareerViewXR brings job tours to the classroom with high-interaction, engaging experiences for all grades and learning styles.

Easy Navigation

 For students of all ages and most abilities. Tap or click in and out of scenes, watch interviews and videos, interact inside machines and vehicles, stand by the side of a police squad car, listen to the sounds at a construction site, and so much more. Different than a traditional video experience because the user has full control over how the story unfolds.

High Level Engagement

Creates better information recall. Similar to video, CareerViewXR experiences create a higher level of information recall simply by being visually focused. However, CareerViewXR experiences create more opportunities to reach the diverse ways people learn and absorb information by putting the experience in the hands of the user to control.

Expands distance learning

Opens up new ways to present information in distance learning. Unlike video, CareerViewXR experiences are immersive enough that they could teach an entire class on their own with very little guidance from a teacher or instructor.

Breaks Accessibility Barriers

Breaks down accessibility barriers for hearing or visually impaired individuals. Nontraditional learners, neurodiverse students and new Americans love CareerViewXR because they have the choice to read, listen, watch, explore, turn, look up and so much more. It’s not a one-sided learning environment.

About CareerViewXR

CareerViewXR was founded by Matt and Katie Chaussee, owners of Be More Colorful, a virtual reality agency located in Fargo, North Dakota. Matt and Katie started CareerViewXR after they recognized a need to help small, rural communities in their home state attract and retain talent.

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CareerViewXR Testimonials

 “A scalable, game-changing approach to career exploration.”
– Ron Ness, President of ND Petroleum Council

“The CareerViewXR library of 360-videos is beyond remarkable.”
– Shannon Putman, Virtual Reality Educator, University of Louisville

“The Workforce Development Council eagerly anticipates an expanded (CareerViewXR) library.”
– Dave Farnsworth, Chair of ND Workforce Development Council

“A first-to-market product, for innovation and economic growth.”
– Arik Spenser, President and CEO – Greater North Dakota Chamber

“CareerViewXR is inspiring interest like no other digital media.”
– Don Shilling, Chairman – General Equipment & Supplies Inc.

“Purchasing a CareerViewXR subscription was exactly what we needed.”
– June Gonzalez, School Counselor, Huntington Middle School (San Marino, CA)

“The Northeast Education Services Cooperative is eager to share CareerViewXR with the region’s students through the NESC ConnectEd afterschool programming and NESC Scrubs (Health Careers) Camp. CareerViewXR is an exciting new way for students to experience career exploration and connect with community partners!”

“CareerViewXR provides students with real-life visuals of what a particular job may look like. It gives all students an opportunity to ‘visit’ a career. Every student benefits from using CareerViewXR. The team at Be More Colorful has been amazing to work with! Our school can’t wait to see the program continue to grow.”
– Ryan Hanson, Principal at Devils Lake High School (Devils Lake, ND)