Pulling a Server Log

Here are the instructions to pull the log:

You will need a FAT32 formatted flash drive. Don’t forget the colon when typing FS0:


Once you have that downloaded, you’ll want to extract the UEFI_x64 folder to a FAT32 based USB drive.

Here are the steps to get the log when you have five minutes to take down the server:

  1.        Plug that USB drive into your server
  2.        Reboot the server and bring up the boot menu by tapping F6
  3.        Select Internal EFI Shell
  4.        At the prompt, type in fs0:
  5.        Navigate to the UEFI_x64 folder.  This shell uses the same commands as Command Prompt (essentially).
  6.        Once you are in the UEFI_x64 folder, type in selview.efi
  7.        The application should load.
  8.        Then using the arrow keys, open up the File menu (should be able to press down)
  9.        Select Save As and press Enter
  10.        Save the log as log.sel
  11.        Reboot the server normally

The log.sel will be saved in the UEFI_x64 folder