Server Firmware Update

Here are the FW update instructions if we need them.

Step 2 : Firmware update

Download and extract the files to a FAT32 formatted flash.

Here are the steps to update the firmware.

When selecting the drive don’t forget the colon when you type fs0: or you won’t be able to select the drive.

  1. Plug that USB drive into your server
  2. Reboot the server and bring up the boot menu by tapping F6
  3. Select Internal EFI Shell
  4. For Windows – at the prompt, type in fs0:
  5. Navigate to the root of the folder.  This shell uses the same commands as Command Prompt (essentially).
  6. Once you are in the root, type in startup.nsh
  7. The update should start
  8. Half way through there will be a 1-5 option pop up. Select 3 and N for the following questions
  9. The flash will continue and prompt for a reboot when its done
  10. Reboot the server normally