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The FCC is no longer mandating by law that POTS lines in the US be maintained by service providers, effective August 2, 2022. With prices rising and decreased support, the time has come to cut the cord. Get ahead of the shutdown by switching to POTS over LTE/5G solutions that deliver immediate cost savings and productivity enhancements. This includes migrating POTS lines supporting fire and security systems, elevators, fax machines, ATMs, point of sale, security gate door access, and more. 

Future proof your organization
with LTE/5G Connectivity

Key applications affected by the phasing out of analog and copper line service includes:

Fire Alarms

Elevator Phone Lines

Voice Applications

Security Gate Door Access


Point of Sale

Gate Entry Access

Emergency Safety Systems

Fax Machines

Blue Light

Panic Button

Meter Reading

Security Systems

Modem / Out of Band Management

SCADA Application

Internet Backup

benefits of an lte connection

First and foremost, an LTE connection is going to save money. All communication data is sent over an IP network instead of telephone lines, which means organizations can simply use the existing business internet to power connected systems at little to no extra cost.

With one of Cradlepoint’s LTE-enabled bridge adapters or branch routers connected to a primary router via the Ethernet and console ports, enterprises can utilize cloud-based OOBM, eliminating the need for POTS lines. When a primary router fails, IT professionals can troubleshoot the problem remotely through cloud access to the command-line interface (CLI). It’s a secure solution that doesn’t require in-bound secure shell (SSH) or publicly routable static IP addresses that are susceptible to cyberattacks.

Escape Physical Limitations

An LTE connection is not limited to a single physical space. This provides businesses connection through their cell phone, eliminating the physical limitations of a landline. 

IoT Integration

The LTE connection can integrate with many other IoT and also has the capacity to transcribe voicemails and have them sent to employee’s inboxes, increasing productivity.

Business Continuity

It is important to have failover internet in place to provide business continuity. Additionally, call forwarding can be implemented as a solution.

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