Spectrum Esports Furniture

Whether exploring esports, launching a program or enhancing an existing space, Spectrum’s full range of esports products can define your space and help create a best-in-class esports facility.  As a trusted partner within the esports community, Spectrum has helped support esports programs across the country.  With design accommodation for game play, coaching, ergonomics, storage, security, cable management, ADA, and branding/aesthetics, their products provide the right solutions for your team and your space. 

Spectrum Esports Furniture

Evolve your esports program with a complete line of innovative furniture to engage and integrate your esports arena.

Evolution Esports Desk

Engineered to enhance your game play, the Esports Evolution Desk provides a quality build with a minimalistic design creating an ample field of play and superior ergonomics. Connectable worksurfaces and optional accessories allow easy adaptation to esports environments.

Xpressions Gaming Chair

Adjustable, contouring, and durable, the Esports Xpressions Gaming Chair wraps comfort and style into one of the most supportive esports chairs on the market. Players of all weights and sizes can find their perfect position with 4D adjustable and soft touch, gel cushioned armrests.

Esports Genova Chair

The body-hugging ergonomics in the Esports Genova Chair provide the edge required to sustain hours of game play. Its supportive cushions and height adjustable arms provide the ergonomics you need to overcome your opponents. 

Alliance24 laptop Gaming cart

Securely charges large gaming laptops, headsets and mice for 24 athletes and makes deployment of devices simple and easy to maintain.

Esports Locker

Securely stores backpacks, keyboards, headphones and more. Stack them against a wall, place them at the ends of desks, or create other combinations.

Esports Shoutcaster Station

The ultimate command center for your competitions. Ample configurations make it easy to keep your head in the game while capturing the attention of your audience.


Pro-gaming quality and security in one compact, gamer-centric design. Remain untethered and game ready with optimal storage, wire management and device charging.