Ruckus Analytics

RUCKUS Analytics is a cloud service for network intelligence and service assurance. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, it gives IT comprehensive visibility into network operations. The service accelerates troubleshooting and helps IT teams meet their network SLAs. RUCKUS Analytics delivers powerful incident analytics, network health monitoring, advanced client troubleshooting and more.

a diagnostic tool to check

the health of your network

Health Monitoring

RUCKUS Analytics automatically monitors network health across a variety of metrics in three areas: connection, performance, and infrastructure.

Incident Analytics

RUCKUS Analytics provides a root cause analysis of each service incident with specific recommendations for how to resolve the issue.

client troubleshooting

RUCKUS Analytics lets you investigate and resolve issues that have impacted a specific client on the network.

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer tool in RUCKUS Analytics lets you create custom dashboards with drag-and-drop ease.

Service Validation

 RUCKUS Analytics works with your RUCKUS network to allow the network to automatically validate network service levels.


RUCKUS Analytics includes a wide variety of pre-packaged reports. This report shows metrics related to the RUCKUS switches in the network


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