Customer Image Flash Drive Creation (dual partition)

This is a dual partition option. There will be a winpe partition(partition for winpe files) and other files partition(partition for .wim file).

You will need to download all of the files and format the flash drives so they are winpe bootable. Below are the steps.

  1. Open command prompt as administrator and run diskpart.
    1. select disk 3 (select the disk that is your flash drive)
    2. clean
    3. create partition primary size=1000
    4. format quick fs=fat32 label=”Windows PE”
    5. assign letter=P
    6. active
    7. create partition primary
    8. format fs=ntfs quick label=”Other files”
    9. assign letter=O
    10. list vol
    11. exit
  2. The drive is now bootable and you can copy ALL of the files you downloaded from the link. Winpe files will go in the Winpe “P” partition and the image file (.wim file) will go in the other files “o” partition.
  3. Once you have copied all of the files you can boot the flash drive from the machine and reimage. Depending on the device you are using it may be ESC, F7, F8, F10, or F12 to bring up the boot menu from which you can select the flash drive.

Note: It is no longer necessary to rename the .wim to customer.wim like in the past. The .wim file name can be left as is. IE: “Best image in the World H310 Windows 10 Prox64.wim”