Find ByteSpeed CLaaS on AWS Marketplace

ByteSpeed’s CLaaS solution can now be found on AWS Marketplace. Computer Lab as a Service (CLaaS) is a fully managed solution that uses Amazon AppStream 2.0 to securely stream desktop applications like Adobe CC, AutoDesk, and some Project Lead the Way approved applications to any computer on any browser. For education, this means students have greater access to learning resources and applications regardless of platform or device.

Providing our solution on AWS Marketplace allows CLaaS it becomes even more accessible. Keep reading for the benefits of purchasing from Amazon Marketplace.

Learn More about AWS Marketplace

Selection, Speed and Agility

AWS Marketplace offers buyers an extensive selection of rigorously tested and validated solutions as well as options like one-click deployment to quickly procure and use products from thousands of software sellers.
Benefits include:
• Simplified purchase
• Extensive selection
• Reliable solutions
• Multiple deployment options

Flexible pricing and terms

Software sellers in AWS Marketplace offer pricing options that give buyers the flexibility to test software, pay as you go, negotiate custom terms, and save money with long-term commitments. Learn more about our flexible pricing options here. Benefits include:
• Flexible pricing models
• Consolidated billing
• Custom terms

Control and Governance

AWS Marketplace empowers buyers to centralize governance, innovate quickly, and launch software products helping ensure they align with a buyer’s policies and compliance requirements.
Benefits include:
• Budget and cost controls
• Curated custom catalog
• Standardized license terms
• Procurement system integration