By:  , from the  Games Research Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University‘s website: Virtual Reality for Education

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a new collection of STEM-centered virtual reality learning experiences, Xennial Digital‘s XDVR Learning Portal. The Learning Portal contains roughly 10 different VR experiences touching upon topics across physics, chemistry, and biology. All of the learning experiences have some form of built-in tutorial that new users can follow but the real potential lies in how users can freely explore science within VR. By allowing users the freedom to experiment without the worries of cost or consequence, Xennial Digital is providing an opportunity for diverse populations of students to have fun scientific experiences. From conversations with Xennial Digital’s CTO, Lorenzo Vallone, the company is intent on providing engaging and effective learning experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds. Already they are piloting their Learning Portal with HTC Vive setups in Miami schools and have experimented with exporting it to rural locations in Guatemala. Read the full article >>>